MobiSys 2014: PhD Forum (June 16th, 2014)

Presenter Instructions

Camera-Ready Submissions

A camera-ready version of each presenter's research summary and permission form should be turned in by April 29, 2014.
Final versions should be sent in PDF format to

Submissions must be 2 pages in length or shorter and must follow the ACM formatting guidelines available at
Please make sure that your submission is formatted for US Letter sized paper.

In addition to the final version of the research summary, presenters may also submit an updated version of their short-biographical sketch (max 1 page) describing affiliations and research activities.
These sketches will be made available to the panel during the PhD Forum, but will not be published. Please do not include the biographical sketch in the same file as your research summary.


At the forum presenters will be provided time for a short talk followed by a discussion period.
Each presenter will have a total of 15 minutes - 10 minutes for the talk, and 5 minutes for discussion. There will be additional time for an interactive discussion during the panel. Junior presenters (those in earlier years of their PhD) give a presentation of 5 minutes with another 5 minutes for discussion. Unless you have been specifically told that you are considered a junior PhD, you need to prepare for the longer option.